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Healing Rooms

Explore individually-themed healing rooms, designed to provide mental health and healing online resources through an interactive image.

As a part of our curated resource library, our individually-themed Healing Rooms are designed to provide online mental health and healing resources through an interactive digital painting. Whether it be sourced videos, blogs, articles, tutorials, games, brainteasers and more, this is where online resources and creativity are brought together.

With each Healing Room, we’ve carefully chosen links that match a certain theme, such as art therapy, music, or self-care. The purpose of these rooms is to whittle down our list of resources to specific interests that provoke healing in their own ways. Whether you’re looking to relieve tension, seek mental health advice, stimulate your mind, or even discover a new pastime, we have a room suited to your needs.

If you’re interested in our healing rooms, and you have any ideas or artwork to contribute, please contact us here.

Enjoy exploring!

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