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We’re on a mission to do what
some may say is impossible:
Eliminate Rape Culture.

Our Story

Hi, my name is Lucrezia, and I am the Founder & CEO of VESTA. I believe that everyone no matter their gender has the right to be safe. According to the United Nations, sexual assault, and gender-based violence is the most under reported crime globally. The rates of gender-based violence and domestic violence skyrocketed during the pandemic and online abuse is everywhere. Survivors can’t equally participate in the economy and in our society if we live in fear or in trauma. I created VESTA to help all those impacted by sexual violence. But I also created it for others to do what I couldn’t do: get help and get justice. So, this is personal. An information and reporting app by itself can’t change the world. Or can it?


What if it could increase a survivor’s sense of autonomy? What if it could empower, instead of silence survivors? What if it could decrease the experience of isolation, stigma, and the associated mental health impacts of sexual violence? What if it could build bridges between survivors and law enforcement? What if it could help the gender-based violence sector be more responsive and innovative? Would it lead to higher reporting and conviction rates? Could it lead to more comprehensive data on impacts of gender-based violence? Could it lead to a safer world? If it did all that, could it lead to gender equality?
What if it could?
With you every step of the way.

Created by Survivors.

From the beginning and at every stage of development, survivors’ voices and lived experiences have informed the development of our resources, our technology, how and where we show up in person and online. This isn’t just an exercise in research but having survivors and allies as members of the VESTA team.

Having representation internally ensures that we continue to learn and it embodies the ethos of “nothing for us, without us.”

Grounded in Research.

From the start, the goal has been to create meaningful tools that draw from data, evidence and lived experiences. It started in coffee shops. One-on-one meetings with survivors sharing their experiences, interviews with support service providers, law enforcement, social epidemiologists, family, legal and community service providers. The goal is to understand the barriers faced by survivors and the challenges faced by those committed to supporting them.

We’re always learning. If you are a researcher and are interested in collaborating on a research project or want to share your research with us, book a session here.

If you want to know more about some of our past research efforts, click here.

Vetted by Experts.

A beta version of the application that would become VESTA Community was reviewed by experts in social services, law enforcement, criminal justice, privacy, and security. Taking a 360-degree view of the challenges faced by survivors, social workers, investigators, and prosecutors led to a system that balances the needs of survivors, decreases unintentional retraumatizing during the reporting process and leads to a more credible and reliable witness should charges be laid, and the case goes to trial.

If you’re a representative of an organization that would like to partner with us, see our Partners page or book an info session with us here.

Empowering Survivors

Innovative Strategies for Safer Communities

At VESTA, we use innovative strategies and cutting-edge technology to empower survivors and create safer communities. Our team of experts is dedicated to providing unparalleled support and resources to help survivors heal and thrive.

Our Mission

VESTA is on a mission to end rape culture. We are harnessing the power of community and technology to lower the barriers to reporting, and to increasing and equalizing access to resources.

Our Vision

We envision a more equitable world. Our vision is that by ensuring individuals have agency, choice and equal treatment under the law, systemic change can and will occur.


Here’s our top 4 FAQ’s, for more questions and answers click here.

VESTA provides survivors with:

  • a safe, secure and private space to document their experience in their own words and at their own pace
  • time to decide whether or not they want to access services or file a formal report;
    online and in person supports to help them on their own unique path to healing and to justice.

VESTA Community provides partner community agencies with:

  • dashboard view of aggregated anonymous data
  • intake and management of identified survivor reports
  • standardized reports for funders or other stakeholders

VESTA provides partner law enforcement agencies with:

  • a view of aggregated anonymous data allowing for problem identification even if survivors do not want to formally report
  • a clear, concise, time stamped survivor account;
    ability to proactively devise an investigation plan before speaking with the survivor reducing re-traumatization.

Integrating VESTA into your organization promotes a more positive outcome for survivors and creates safer communities for all.

The short answer is yes.

In Canada, there is no statute of limitations for sexual assault. If police are unable to locate an offender or opt not to press charges, that case will remain open and active.

If you report an incident of sexual assault, you are not obligated to move forward with a criminal case; however, you can still access support services to help with your recovery. Services include face-to-face counselling, legal and medical services, personal safety planning and public education.

Unsolved sexual assault cases are never closed.

Vesta Community is a mobile friendly web application that uses technology to facilitate and enhance Third Party Reporting (TPR). Third Party Reporting (TPR) or anonymous reporting of sexual assault has been adopted in different forms by police services and community organizations across Canada. TPR is a process which allows adult survivors to access support and to report details of a sexual assault to police anonymously, through a designated community program or trusted intermediary.


The intent or purpose of TPR is to create an alternate route for survivors who feel marginalized or have a fear of police to access the system and support services. TPR is not a substitute for 911, nor is it a police investigation. The goal and hope is that by using anonymous reporting tools, like Vesta Community, folks who wouldn’t usually reach out to support or social services, connect with someone who can help them, even if they DO NOT WANT TO FILE A POLICE REPORT. Survivors can still access local or virtual support, even if they don’t want police to know their names. TPR can then lead to an official police complaint once the survivor feels comfortable with sharing their story, but it isn’t a requirement.


Anonymous reports can also benefit community organizations and the police. Sexual assault and other forms of gender based violence are severely under reported. Community organizations, including police, cannot allocate time or resources if they are not aware that a problem exists. Anonymous data will help them allocate proper resources.


Vesta Community draws on academic and primary research in anonymous reporting, written response protocols, trauma informed interviewing, third-party reporting protocols in Canada and innovative, digital solutions developed around the world. Different forms of anonymous reporting exist around the world. It has been called blind reporting, restricted reporting, or third party reporting.


Vesta Community was developed and continues to improve with feedback from survivors, researchers, frontline organizations and sexual assault centers in Ontario, Canada.

We consider privacy, security, and data privacy to be critical components of our solution and are at the foundation of everything we do. We incorporate Privacy and Security by Design in all we do.


All records transferred and stored within Vesta Community use bank-level TLS 2.0 and AES-256 encryption technology. This encryption works by taking plain text and converting it into random characters. Even if our system was hacked, all the hackers would see are random characters.


Vesta exceeds privacy and security requirements in Canada and abroad, including PIPEDA, PHIPA and more. Our innovation is a cloud based solution with data centers located in Canada that are ISO 27001, SOC 1 and SOC 2 certified.

Research and Development
We build research-based technology.
Forget the hype and the gimmicks. How do we make an impact and drive real change? How do we help survivors, our communities and improve our systems? We collaborate with academic institutions and researchers to investigate the intersection of gender based violence and technology to create tools that work for everyone.
If you are a researcher and are interested in collaborating on a research project, book a session below.
If you want to know more about some of our past research efforts, click here.
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