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About the "YES, ALL MEN!" Podcast

Welcome to the “YES, ALL MEN!” podcast brought to you by VESTA.


Since starting work in the sexual violence prevention field, Ilyas has embarked on a journey of learning about hegemonic masculinity and examining what it truly means to be a man. Through his perspective as a straight, mixed race man, he will be exploring why all men need to be a part of sexual violence prevention. Through his conversations with other men, women, and relevant scholars, Ilyas also hopes to find a more positive version of masculinity that can help men and women alike to escape from the ills of gender based violence.


Episode 1: Masculinity as a Fire & the Duty to Warm

Guest: Strength of Two Buffalo Dale

Episode 5: Reflections on acting within the GBV space

Guest: Lucrezia Spagnolo, Founder/CEO of VESTA

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