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Your action is crucial in ensuring zero tolerance for gender-based violence and fostering a culture of safety, respect, and equality. 


By joining forces with VESTA, you become a catalyst for change, using your influence and resources to challenge harmful attitudes and behaviors, and your commitment sends a clear message that sexual misconduct or harassment has no place in our communities, our sports teams, our schools, or in our workplaces.

Your partnership is not just an opportunity; it’s a powerful commitment to driving a cultural shift within your community and organization.

Survivor benefits


A trauma-informed process is easy to follow and reduces the re-traumatization  that can occur during traditional reporting methods.


VESTA can be accessed securely from any phone, tablet or computer. If you misplace your phone, you can still access your record from another device.


All information inputted into the application is encrypted with the latest technology.


Reporting can be intimidating or even scary. Having multiple options of recording, reporting and different levels of support, helps reduce fear and helps build resilience through the reporting process. 


Survivors are in control. They are in the driver’s seat and decide  how much they share and who they share it with. 


The system default is set to anonymous. No survivor information will be requested, accessed or shared without their explicit consent.

Partner Benefits


Real-time metrics allow for more informed decision making. Reports and statistics can be downloaded and integrated into existing case or record management systems. 


Multiple layers of security, timed access and permissioned access guards against unauthorized access or data misuse.


Reduces investigative time, the need for multiple interviews and increases witness credibility ad reliability.


Build trust by ensuring that there are multiple avenues for individuals to report incidents of sexual misconduct, including anonymous reporting options. 


Named reports are sent to assigned investigators, preserving the chain of evidence and push notifications ensure reports are not left idling.


We work collaboratively with relevant stakeholders, such as HR departments, sports organizations, police services, legal advisors, and community organizations, to address sexual misconduct comprehensively.

1 %
of VESTA Community users use the app to report to police (vs 5% with traditional reporting methods)
1 %
of reports have known and named offenders

Use Cases

The VESTA Community platform is adaptable to a variety of services.
See below for different use cases.



The police department in a metropolitan area decides to launch VESTA Community, an online reporting system for sexual assault cases to improve efficiency, accessibility, and survivor support.


VESTA Community Online Reporting System:


Increased Reporting Rates:

VESTA Community allows survivors to report sexual assault incidents conveniently and anonymously, if they choose. This anonymity can encourage more survivors to come forward who may be hesitant to visit a police station in person, resulting in an increase in reporting rates.


Efficient Data Collection:

The online system collects detailed information about the incident, providing a comprehensive overview for investigators. This streamlines the data collection process and ensures that crucial details are not overlooked, facilitating a more effective investigation.


Quick Response and Resource Allocation:

The police department can receive reports in real-time and prioritize cases based on urgency. This enables quicker response times to incidents that require immediate attention, improving overall public safety. Additionally, the department can allocate resources more efficiently by identifying patterns or trends in reported cases.


Enhanced Communication:

VESTA Community allows for secure transfer of the survivor’s initial statement to law enforcement. This ensures that the chain of evidence remains secure and unbroken.  


Digital Evidence Preservation:

Survivors can upload relevant digital evidence through the online reporting system, such as photos, videos, or messages. This preserves important evidence and streamlines the evidence collection process for law enforcement, potentially expediting the investigative process.


Improved Case Management:

Digital records and case management tools integrated into the online system help police efficiently organize and manage sexual assault cases. This can lead to a reduction in administrative overhead and improved collaboration among investigators.


Support for Vulnerable Populations:

VESTA Community ensures accessibility for individuals who may face challenges with physical access to police stations, such as those with disabilities or individuals in remote areas. This inclusivity broadens the reach of law enforcement services.


Analytics and Trend Identification:

Law enforcement can use analytics tools integrated into the online system to identify patterns and trends in sexual assault cases. This data-driven approach can inform preventative measures, public safety campaigns, and resource allocation strategies.


The implementation of VESTA Community benefits survivors by providing a more accessible and supportive reporting process and it empowers law enforcement agencies to respond more effectively to sexual assault cases. The system enhances data collection, communication, and resource allocation, ultimately contributing to improved public safety.



Athletic organization partners with Vesta Social Innovation Technologies to implement a platform that facilitates reporting and access to services. 


Enhanced Safety:

By providing athletes with a user-friendly platform to report misconduct, the athletic association can create a safer environment for all participants. Athletes can feel empowered to speak up about any concerns or incidents, knowing that their reports will be taken seriously and addressed promptly.


Increased Accountability:

The platform allows for transparent reporting and tracking of misconduct incidents, ensuring that perpetrators are held accountable for their actions. This fosters a culture of accountability within the association and sends a clear message that misconduct will not be tolerated.


Improved Support Services:

Access to services through the platform ensures that athletes who experience misconduct have immediate access to support resources such as counseling, legal assistance, and medical care. This can facilitate faster recovery and healing for survivors of misconduct.


Confidential Reporting:

The platform allows athletes to report misconduct anonymously if they choose, providing a safe space for those who may fear retaliation or stigma. This encourages more athletes to come forward with their concerns, leading to a more comprehensive understanding of the association’s safety climate.


Collaboration and Communication:

The platform facilitates communication between athletes, coaches, and association administrators, allowing for swift action and collaboration in response to reported incidents. This ensures that appropriate measures are taken to address misconduct and prevent future occurrences.


Legal Compliance:

By implementing a comprehensive reporting and support system, the athletic association demonstrates a commitment to legal compliance and duty of care towards its athletes. This can help mitigate legal risks and protect the association’s reputation.


Overall, partnering with Vesta Social Innovation Technologies can help athletic associations create a zero-tolerance culture towards misconduct and ensure a safe and supportive environment for all its athletes.


Use Case: Strengthening Campus Safety through Online Reporting of Sexual Assault in Post-Secondary Institutions



A university decides to launch VESTA Community for sexual assault cases to address the unique challenges faced by students and enhance campus safety.


Confidentiality and Anonymity:

Students can access VESTA Community from any location, providing a confidential and, if desired, anonymous channel to report sexual assault incidents. This encourages students to come forward without the fear of immediate exposure.


Student-Centric Support:

Students can learn about available support services, counseling, and resources both on and off-campus. They can access this information during the reporting process, facilitating a more comprehensive and supportive experience.


Real-Time Reporting and Response:

The online platform enables survivors to report incidents in real-time, allowing campus security and relevant authorities to respond promptly. Quick response times contribute to the overall safety of the campus community.


Education and Prevention Campaigns:

VESTA Community complements existing education and awareness programs and campaigns. It addresses the student demands for increased reporting and disclosure options. This proactive approach helps create a campus culture that prioritizes safety and well-being.


Integration with Campus Services:

The online reporting system can be integrated with other campus services, such as student health services and counseling centers. This ensures a holistic approach to supporting survivors and streamlines communication between various support entities.


Data Analytics for Prevention:

The system collects and analyzes data to identify trends and patterns in reported incidents. This information can be used to develop targeted prevention strategies, awareness campaigns, and policy improvements to create a safer campus environment.


Evidence Collection and Preservation:

Students can securely upload digital evidence in the VESTA Community app, preserving critical information for potential investigative process. This feature aids campus authorities in conducting thorough investigations.


User-Friendly Interface:

VESTA Community is designed with a user-friendly interface, making it accessible to a diverse student population. Clear instructions, language options, and accessible design elements ensure that all students can easily navigate the reporting process.

Implementing an online reporting system tailored to post-secondary institutions enhances campus safety, empowers students, and fosters a culture of prevention and support. This technology, when integrated with existing campus resources and services, contributes to the well-being and overall positive experience of students.



Implementation of an Online Reporting Tool for Sexual Misconduct in the Workplace


Tech Solutions Inc., a mid-sized technology firm with 500 employees, has been experiencing issues with underreporting of sexual misconduct. Despite having a traditional reporting system in place, employees have been reluctant to come forward due to fear of retaliation, lack of anonymity, and uncertainty about the investigation process. To address these concerns and create a safer, more inclusive work environment, the company decides to implement an online reporting tool that ensures confidentiality and prompt action.


Tech Solutions Inc. introduces VESTA Workplace, an online reporting platform that allows employees to report incidents of sexual misconduct anonymously or with their identity revealed. The platform is accessible via the company’s intranet and a web app , ensuring ease of access. Reports are automatically forwarded to a dedicated Human Resources (HR) team trained in handling such cases with sensitivity and confidentiality.

Features of VESTA Workplace:

  • Anonymous reporting option.
  • Safe and secure documentation of incident
  • Ability or upload and save supporting documents, text messages, voice notes, etc
  • Resources and support services for employees, including counseling and legal information


Positive Impacts on Company Culture:

Increased Reporting and Trust:

1. After the introduction of VESTA, there is an increase in the number of reports. Employees feel safer and more confident using the anonymous option. This increase in reporting is a positive sign, indicating that employees trust the new system to handle their complaints seriously and confidentially.

Prompt Investigations:

2. The HR team commits to acknowledging the receipt of the complaint within 24 hours of receiving a report and starting an investigation promptly. This quick response demonstrates the company’s commitment to addressing misconduct without delay.

Accountability and Transparency:

3. By holding perpetrators accountable, regardless of their position within the company, Tech Solutions Inc. sends a strong message that sexual misconduct will not be tolerated. Disciplinary actions, up to and including termination, are taken based on the findings of the investigation. While the details of individual cases remain confidential, the company publishes quarterly reports summarizing the number and types of cases handled, the outcomes, and the steps taken to prevent future incidents.

Enhanced Employee Morale and Engagement:

4. Employees feel valued and protected, knowing that their safety and well-being are priorities for the company. This fosters a more supportive and respectful workplace environment. Increased morale leads to higher engagement and productivity, as employees are more focused on their work when they do not have to worry about misconduct or the potential consequences of reporting it.

Positive Reputation and Talent Attraction:

5. Tech Solutions Inc.’s proactive approach to handling sexual misconduct enhances its reputation as a responsible and caring employer. This positive image helps attract top talent who are looking for a safe and inclusive workplace. Existing employees also become advocates for the company, sharing their positive experiences and helping to build a strong, supportive community both inside and outside the organization.


The introduction of VESTA Workplace at Tech Solutions Inc. has a transformative effect on the company culture. By providing a secure and efficient platform for reporting sexual misconduct and ensuring prompt, transparent investigations, the company builds a trust-based environment where employees feel safe and valued. This not only enhances employee well-being and morale but also reinforces the company’s commitment to maintaining a respectful and inclusive workplace.

To learn more about how VESTA fits into your organization’s goals, book an info session below.
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