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May is Sexual Assault Prevention Month

Keep reading to find out how you can get involved in sexual assault prevention

Understanding Consent 

The foundation of wholesome relationships and sexual assault prevention is consent. In order to give consent, all parties must be  enthusiastically agreeing to what’s going on. Learn about consent, then raise awareness of it. It’s important to keep in mind that permission should be freely given, reversible, informed, enthusiastic, and specified (F.R.I.E.S.). Share this information with others, dispel false notions, and promote candid conversations.

Promoting Comprehensive Sex Education

The prevention of sexual assault depends heavily on comprehensive sex education. Promote inclusive, age-appropriate sex education in communities and schools. Consent, limits, healthy relationships, communication, and identifying warning signs of abuse should all be covered. By educating people, we enable them to make wise decisions and promote polite interactions.

Empowering Bystander Intervention

The ability of bystanders to intervene to stop sexual assault is a strong tool. Encourage everyone to become involved bystanders who spot dangerous situations and step in to stop them. Learn how to safely intervene, whether it involves providing a diversion, asking for assistance, or dealing with the issue head-on. By confronting improper conduct, we make public areas safer and demonstrate support for prospective victims.

Challenging Rape Culture

Sexual assault is made acceptable by rape culture, which promotes negative attitudes and ideas. We need to aggressively oppose it and take it apart. Analyze your own thoughts and actions first. Avoid victim-blaming and talking about people as objects or something to be trivialized. Promote material that shows consent and healthy relationships. Talk about the fallacies surrounding rape and encourage a respectful, compassionate, and accountable society.

Supporting Survivors

The healing and empowerment of sexual assault survivors depends on our support. Believe survivors and provide them a place to talk about their experiences that is free from criticism. Encourage them to contact support groups and seek expert assistance. Be a kind and patient listener while honouring their choices and boundaries. We can build a network of help that promotes recovery and resiliency together.

Engaging Men and Boys

It is not only the duty of women to prevent sexual assault; men and boys must also actively participate as allies. Encourage males to oppose sexist behaviour, bad gender stereotypes, and toxic masculinity. Encourage positive male role models who place an emphasis on empathy, consent, and polite interactions. Together, we can remove obstacles and bring about long-lasting change.

Supporting Organizations and Initiatives

Numerous groups put in enormous effort to stop sexual assault and help victims. Think about supporting them by making a contribution, volunteering, or raising awareness. These groups offer essential services including counselling, advocacy, crisis hotlines, and preventative initiatives. They can significantly improve the lives of survivors and the larger community with your assistance.

Donating to Reputable Organizations 

For an American option, the National Sexual Violence Resource Center (NSVRC), has two funds: Sexual Assault Awareness Month (SAAM) fund and a Relief Fund. The SAAM fund helps create materials and allows for the distribution of education to support individuals and organizations on eliminating sexual assault. The Relief Fund for sexual assault victims provides support for staff and survivors at sexual assault centers. The fund allows for the coverage of staff education costs, cost of damaged equipment and ensures that the services are available to the community 24/7. To learn more about National Sexual Violence Resource Center (NSVRC) or to donate, please head to their website at

If you’re looking for a Canadian organization, the Canadian Women’s Foundation is a public foundation for gender justice and equality. Your donation will help community organizations in every province and territory in Canada to support diverse women, girls and gender-diverse people facing poverty, violence, discrimination and other forms of inequality. Visit their website here.

Keep in mind that you should contact the relevant hotline or your local authorities if you or someone you know is in immediate danger or requires assistance.  

If you would like to learn more, please head over  to our website. We have free resources for the law, mental health and legal aid regarding sexual assault awareness.

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