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How to Tell People That You’ve Been a Victim of a Crime

Telling you family, friends, and place of employment that you've been a victim of a crime can be challenging. Here are some suggestions on how to approach this step.

What Should You Say to Your Family, Friends, or Place of Employment

After a crime such as sexual assault has occurred, you may find yourself struggling with how to open up about your story to people in your life. When and if you decide to tell people, here are our suggestions on how to approach such a sensitive subject.

Remember – your story is always up to you. You alone decide how much detail you want to disclose. Just because someone asks questions doesn’t mean you have to answer them.

For an Employer

You might say…

For Family and Friends

You may want to tell all of your family at the same time or choose the person you feel most comfortable with and tell them first to get their support. You may want to disclose everything or only some details.

You might say… 

Who Should I Tell if I Don’t Have or Don’t Want to Talk to Family or Friends?

Before disclosing a sexual assault to someone, it is important to consider if you can trust the person. Here are some ways you can tell:

Also, think about whether this individual is likely to respond in a supportive way. Are they likely to believe you? Can they be someone who provides you with emotional support? Do they know the perpetrator? These factors may impact how they respond to your disclosure.

Signal for help
Telling your partner of your Sexual Assault
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