Social Innovation Technologies

Our Story

In 2016, we welcomed a shift in public discourse around gender based violence.

High profile cases in the workplace, in the media and on college campuses began to shed light on systemic issues affecting millions of people.

Out of this momentum, the Vesta journey began: to gain a better understanding of key issues and to discover how we could affect positive change at individual and at institutional levels alike.

In late 2017, we witnessed a hashtag spread around the world - the collective voice of many  individuals - using technology to quantify issues, defy expectations, and demand more from those in positions of power.

Vesta Social Innovation Technologies was created in response to this global movement. We aim to do what some say is impossible: eliminate rape culture.


Addressing the status quo of feeling overwhelmed and alone, Vesta gives individuals the ability to take control of how and when they share their experience.


Vesta combines the expertise of clinical and legal experts with the knowledge of those with lived experiences and front line advocates to create a trauma-informed, survivor-centric process that  provides individuals with a tool to document their experience, and create a reliable, time-stamped record of events.

What's in a name?

Vesta is the name of a Roman goddess. Known as the protector of the home and of all citizens of Rome, Vesta  is not usually depicted in human form, but in fiery flame.

Social is our company’s orientation as we strive to make the world a safer and more inclusive place for all.

Innovation is evident in our commitment to fearlessly push boundaries and do things differently.   

Technologies are how we will deliver change. By harnessing the latest technologies, we’ll create safe spaces that can be accessed by anyone.  


Our vision is to provide a safe space for those who have experienced gender based violence or harassment and to become a valuable part of their journey by giving them a new level of control, connectivity and support.


Our mission is to create a secure and trusted platform which will support folks' individual pathways to justice and to healing.