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Record. Support. Report.

A trusted, independent recording and reporting system for sexual misconduct and assault.

Adopting Vesta promotes a more positive outcome for survivors and supports a collaborative and comprehensive community response.

What Is VESTA?

VESTA is changing how sexual assault survivors access justice. It is an information and reporting platform that provides equal access to resources. It also provides different reporting options.
In collaboration with local sexual assault centres, we are piloting a Community solution. Future iterations will include a Workplace and a Campus solution.

VESTA. A trusted resource that provides a safe and secure digital space for those who want to report.

Strength in numbers

of those that are sexually assaulted do not report

80% circle

of those who have unwanted experiences in the workplace do not report them


of survivors disclose their experience informally but not officially for fear of retaliation, judgment and coercion


How we help

VESTA gives control back to survivors by offering solutions customized based on three different environments.

VESTA Community

Solution that digitizes, streamlines and expands law enforcement protocols to meet the needs of vulnerable and rural populations

VESTA Workplace

Solution based on lessons learned in the Community to meet the needs and dynamics of workplace environment

VESTA Campus

Solution that meets the complex needs and dynamics of campus environment


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